Søger dansepartner / Searching for a partner

Born 17 September 2000

Ballroom and Latin / Ten Dance

Height: 158 cm


I am looking for an ambitious, dedicated and hardworking dance partner.

I dance Ten Dance in Copenhagen, where I represent KAF.


My primary trainers and coaches are Nikolaj Lund and Marta Kocik.

My trainers in group lessons are Hans and Anne Laxholm in Ballroom and Martino Zanibellato & Michelle Abildstrup in Latin.


I dance 5 to 6 days a week. I participate in group lessons in KAF, I take private lessons and I train on my own.


I have full support from my family and we can provide for accommodation in our house if necessary.


For information and try-outs please contact my trainer through facebook or by mail/phone:

Nikolaj Lund


Phone: +45 29 76 27 55


Or contact me.

Amalia Øre Petersen

DK-2800  Kgs. Lyngby



Phone: 0045 22 700 290

Amalie Øre Petersen


Maria Hammenborn

I am 20 years old 170 cm tall, I am searching for a 10-dance partner who is willing to relocate to Copenhagen.  I am willing to concentrate on ballroom for the right partner.


Coach: Anne LaxholmTeachers: Paul and Ann Wilson Gustav Lundin and Valentina Oseledko Rachid Malki and Anna Suprun Teachers a KAFI belong to the Swedish elite final A-class in Ballroom and Latin.


I have been working as a dance teacher for a year in Sweden. I graduated as studio teacher in latin in June 2013 and is studying to become a studio teacher in Ballroom.


If you are interested in further information you can contact me:


Facebook: Maria Hammenborn


E-mail: miafia.dansprinsessa@hotmail.com

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